Hello, I'm John
an Umbraco enthusiast living in Devon


Originally from the Midlands I moved down to Devon to study Civil Engineering at Plymouth University. During my time there I met Steph and we have been together since. I eventually finished an integrated Master in Civil Engineering achieving a 2:1 classification. Although I enjoyed many aspects of the course during my studies I realised creating applications was more something I wanted to pursue long term. Therefore I have over the last few years I have taken opportunities to help assist in this conversion. I have worked for Riverford where I managed the day to day content of the website and making improvements to its look and feel. However this wasn't technical enough and not using my personal favourite CMS (Umbraco) I've moved to my current dream job working for Original Style and working with Umbraco day to day and been at the company just over a year. l

One of my favorite hobbies is walking and we've recently moved to Bellever, Postbridge so we can enjoy one of the best aspects of Devon (Dartmoor) from our doorstep. We live in an forestry workers house with views overlooking the historic Bellever clapper bridge. The group of houses we live within have been constructed staggered in sequence up the hill giving a unique beautiful backdrop to the clapper bridge and a feature to surrounding views. My interests include attending football matches (preferably to watch Aston Villa), exploring different cultures, carrying out various DIY projects and creating nerdy projects which take up some of my evenings. We currently own 7 bantam chickens’ two araucanas (who lay blue eggs) two partridge wyandotte, two pekins and a polish chicken and are hoping to get a dog in the  very near future to add to our family.