We grew up in different parts of the country (Warwickshire & Bridgwater) but came to meet at a second year house party while both at Plymouth University. We soon started dating and almost immediately moved in together. At the end of Steph's physio degree we took 21 days off travelling around Italy which is when we fell in love. We continued to live in Plymouth while I completed my engineering degree.

Following Steph getting a job in Exeter and both wanting to move out of the city we decided to rent a cottage in Buckfastleigh. Having a taste of country life we kept our eye out to buy our dream home in the countryside. After a few months of searching out of courosity we broaded our search to included houses on Dartmoor. We moved to our current home during late 2015 just outside Postbridge. 

Feeling settle we got our first chickens, 4 bantam chickens which soon became 7. I then made the best decision of my life which was to ask Steph to marry me in January 2015 and she accepted! As we were now doing alot of walking around the area we decided to keep our eye out the a dog. In late Feburary following a Iceland holiday we stumbled accross our lovely dog Dexter on Gumtree. In July 2016 we got married and in true Churchley fashion we incorporate our pets into the day.