Dexter's Sheep Training

Saturday 18 February 2017, Written By John Churchley

On this misty Dartmoor morning Dexter and I headed out on a 11/2 hour trek accross the moor to find some sheep. We found more than we bargained for and came accross a herd of cows and ponies as well. One beautiful white pony trotted up to see us and I stroked her head as Dexter watched on jealouisly.

The aim of today's walk was to desensitise Dexter around sheep to increase our confidence he will not chase them on our walks. We had six encounters of flocks of sheep. Five of these were on a 50ft lead and the last one was off the lead. Dexter was a star pupil! On seeing the sheep I say "leave" and Dexter will pause and look at the sheep and look at me. As I walk closer i say walk on and he trots along the foot path with no hesitation or attempts to follow the sheep. I'm so proud of my baby boy who has grown up and become so sensible. When did this happen? 

As a reward for his hard work we both went in the river and he barked joyfully as we splashed around. What a sucsessful morning out. Well done Dexter!