Our Engagement

Monday 26 January 2015, Written By John Churchley

I finally did it and proposed to my gorgeous girlfriend of the last 8 years. She knew it was coming as she'd knew something was going on when I asked stay at my mums while I went shopping with my sister. However she thought it would be during our trip to Iceland and she probably was right! However on the 24th January 2015 we had a lovely day together. The scene was set with a tidy dinning room, fire burning, vinyl record player on, roast dinner and prosecco on the table. I had been working hard on a project upstairs and came down to this, then I knew!

We'd been for a walk an hour earlier and you can't get much more committed to each other once you've bought your dream home together a few months earlier. So I went upstairs to get the ring at the top of the stairs I thought is this moment? What have I done, have I given the game away.... right I need an excuse and went to the loo. Then still unsure I back downstairs I sat down and said "I feel loved up" and she agreed which was the first time she had said this three times in a row, then I knew this was the time.

So the same old excuse "I need the loo" and back I was upstairs into the bedside table where I'd been keeping the ring safe. Then I walk back downstairs, and perched on my seat and asked her, "What would you say if I asked you to marry me?" to test the water. She looked totally confused like what kind of question is that. She replied "You've have to ask me for real to know the answer to that" by this time my head was spinning and any plans of long speech of why she the best girl in the world were lost in my head. So then I took my position quaking at the knees and dropped down on one knee and that little doubt in my head will she be like her mother and turn me down the first time but she didn't and she said "Off course I will" and jumped up and kissed me.

The next few minutes were a blur while it sunk in what had just happened. Then I sat down and enjoyed one of the things which was a way into my heart and nice roast dinner!