Let It Snow (Snowboarding with R&S)

Sunday 01 February 2015, Written By John Churchley

What a great weekend! Friday night it snowed which meant we couldn't really go out so Saturday was spent relaxing thanks in part to my fiancee giving me a lovely massage. Sunday we woke up with an even greater blanked of white outside our door. Got up and cooked a second full English breakfast in two days. A DPD driver arrived with a parcel for the old owner of our house he'd battled through the snow to get to us. The next half an our was then spent getting him off up the road as with the road still iced up we had to shovel some grit out on the road. Other cars we appearing also with people from Plymouth looking for places with snow but driving dangerously down a black iced road. Luck for us we don't have to drive to enjoy the highlights of Dartmoor and we were soon out enjoying the snow in the back field with our next door neighbors as can be seen by our videos below. Finally the weekend was complete with a chicken roast dinner and a game of canasta by the fire with the four of us. The only disappointing thing was the icy conditions meant our friends couldn't make the whole journey. Hopefully the ice will have thawed out by tomorrow so I can get up the road for work else the snow socks we got last week will be put to use straight away.